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The Racingline oil catch can kit is the ultimate oil separating catch can system for 2.0 TFSI Ea113. Routing undesirable oil moisture vapours through the fully baffled catch can, this system also correct the problem of oil build-up in the top of the engine during high-G braking. Then the VW Racing catch can kit will keep your intake system (intercooler, valves, inlet) clean and will improve engines safety on track days.

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Not all catch cans are created equal. The Racingline Performance system has a dual function: as well as routing undesirable oil and moisture vapours through a sophisticated system of internal baffles and a fully baffled catch can, the Racingline Performance Oil Catch Can System also takes our track &motorsport experience of these engines to correct the problem of oil build-up in the top of the engine during high-G braking. The kit includes our Engine Breather Plate.

So not only does the Racingline Performance Oil Management System condense these vapours into the bottom of the tank, keeping a purer air/fuel mixture and avoiding the problem of slowly filling intercooler and intake pipework with oil. The Engine Breather Plate included in the kit also protects your engine by helping to eradicate oil starvation in very high G braking Ð an issue when used on track, leading to several engine failures in Racingline Performance UK’s testing experience.

Race Use Only, this kit will only fit if your vehicle does not have a Charcoal Canister, or if you have Deleted the Charcoal Canister.


Audi A3 8P – 04-12 2.0 TFSI – 200
Audi A3 8P – 04-12 2.0 TFSI – 200 Quattro
Audi S3 8P – 06-12 2.0 TFSI – 265
Audi TT 8J – 06-13 2.0TFSI – 200
Audi TT 8J – 06-13 TTS 2.0 TFSI – 272
Seat / Cupra Leon 1P – 05-12 2.0TFSI – 200
Seat / Cupra Leon 1P – 05-12 Cupra – 240 / 265
Skoda Octavia 1Z – 04-13 vRS – 200 – 04-08
Volkswagen Golf MK5 – 04-09 GTI – 200
Volkswagen Golf MK5 – 04-09 GTI Ed30 / Pirelli – 230
Volkswagen Golf MK6 – 09-12 GTI Ed35 – 235
Volkswagen Golf MK6 – 09-12 R – 265 / 270
Volkswagen Scirocco MK3 – 08-17 2.0TFSI 200
Volkswagen Scirocco MK3 – 08-17 R – 265 / 280

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