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Significant advantages with do88 pressure pipes (OEM pipes):
– Air flow at 0,075bar/1,09psi pressure drop: 680CFM (460CFM), do88 48% higher!
– Designed to handle high pressure and temperatures!
– The pipe has two methanol injection connections (1/8 -27 NPT). The pipe is delivered with blanking plugs in these connections.
– Fits all cars in the list!

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Do88 performance pressure pipe with black hose bmw f20 f30 f87

This kit is for you with significant horsepower goals that want to upgrade to the absolute best!

Do88 pressure pipe has considerably better airflow than the stock pipe.

The pressure pipe is manufactured in 3” mandrel bent seamless aluminium pipe. CNC machined sensor flange for best fitment.

Custom made high quality silicone hose with 4 layers of polyester/aramid reinforcement. These hose can handle very high temperature and pressure!

Always remember that the OEM intercooler pipes and hoses was designed for the power level the car was built for and a power increase or even very hard use of the car in a standard version may cause that the OEM pipes and hoses don’t have the performance you need.

So only after engine software tune do88 pressure pipes will give a performance increase over the OEM pipes!

do88 pressure pipes comes with all hardware necessary for installation.

Included parts in this kit:
1. Aluminum pressure pipe
2. Installation hardware for pressure pipe
3. One silicone hoses
4. Two standard hose clamps
5. Hose adapter for the intercooler connection


BMW 1-Serie F20 F21
Year models: 2010-2018
Engine: M135i, M135iX

BMW 2-Serie F22 F23
Year models: 2012-2018
Engine: M235i, M235iX, M235i Racing

BMW 2-Serie F87
Year models: 2015-2018
Engine: M2

BMW 3-Serie F30 F31 F34
Year models: 2011-2018
Engine: 335i, 335iX

BMW 4-Serie F32 F33 F36
Year models: 2012-2018
Engine: 435i, 435iX

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