This Racingline maintenance kit will help you keep your filter in good condition for great performances.

Compatible with all Racingline panel filters or intakes, this kit features specially formulated oil and cleaner bottles.

-Full kit ready to use
-Recomended for use each 15.000km
-Compatible with all Racingline intakes or panel filters
-Specific oil 400ml
-Specific cleaner 500ml


34.00 TAX included

SKU: VWR120000
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The Racingline Oil and Cleaner Kit will help you keep your filter in peak condition at all times and ensure that the complex triple-layer foam continues to deliver its power and filtration benefits for many years.

Instructions are provided for cleaning and maintenance. It’s a simple process, but please take time to read through, or ensure that your technician reads them, before you begin. We would suggest that you keep these notes with your car for future maintenance/owners.

Racingline recommend that the filter element is cleaned and reoiled every 10,000 miles/15,000 km, and/or a visual inspection at least every 12 months. This is a simple procedure, and will ensure that your filter continues to deliver the power improvements over a standard car. If your car is regularly used in a dry/dusty environment, we advise that you clean and re-oil your filter more regularly

If you don’t clean your filter at the above intervals, no loss of filtration will occur, and your engine will still be fully protected. However, the performance advantages from the additional air flow of a clean filter will be lost. You will also shorten the life of the filter element.


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