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Water / Methanol Injection Kit

  • Cost effective way to improve performances
  • Better engine reliability
  • Lowers operating temperatures
  • Automatic triggering depending on boost (up to 1.5 bar)
  • Kit contents : control unit, pump, injector, 4.3L tank, MAP sensor and installation hardware

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AEM Water / Methanol kit Description

Injecting water or methanol is an easy, quick and cost-effective way to improve the performance and reliability of your turbo or supercharged engine. The principle function of a water / methanol injection kit is very simple : an injector sprays water in the intake, in the form of a very fine mist. The sprayed water instantly vaporizes in the intake : it is this change of state of the water (liquid state to gaseous state) which absorbs the heat of the air, and reduces its temperature by several tens of degrees.

Water / Methanol Injection Advantages

  • The intake air is cooler and denser, allowing boost and ignition timing to be increased for better performance (without the need to increase the fuel’s octane). AEM announces gains of up to 20% more power.
  • Knock is repelled, significantly improving the reliability of the engine.
  • Reduces exhaust gas temperature (EGT).
  • Descaling: the vaporization of water acts as a “steam cleaner”, eliminating carbon deposits for better performance. This is particularly significant if your engine is equipped with an exhaust gas recycling system (EGR).

Note that no water particles will reach the cylinders, as the water is vaporized instantly. Methanol provides the same benefits as water in this type of application, with even greater efficiency. You can, therefore, use pure water (preferably demineralized, or at least filtered), or a mixture of both up to 50% methanol concentration. For safety reasons, methanol being a highly flammable chemical, do not use greater than 50% methanol concentrations.

Injector / nozzle location requirements :

  • The nozzle must be mounted above the tank (failure to do so may lead to fluid leaking or siphoning)
  • The nozzle must be installed before the throttle butterfly
  • Nozzle should also be mounted after the MAF sensor, if present, and after any intercoolers

Water / Methanol Injection kit Components

  • Control unit and electrical harness, allowing you to configure the automatic triggering (depending on boost, or along a 0-5V input connected to an external source)
  • Robust, reliable and quiet high-pressure water pump
  • Forged aluminium injector, supplied with 3 nozzles in various shapes to change flow rate (please check installation manual to determine the flow that suits your needs)
  • 4.3L tank, compact design with anti-surge, equipped with a level probe (the information of which is sent to the control unit)
  • MAP sensor (2.5 bar absolute pressure)
  • Fitting accessories, hoses, bolts, etc…

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