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The latest development from SNOW Performance!
Complete Water-Methanol Injection Kit with freely programmable 52mm OLED-Gauge.

Integrated System Monitoring and Display of Boost Pressure, Fill Level and Injection Quantity. Upgradable to Dual Stage Technology.

Fits to all Turbo-/supercharged Engines up to 3.5bar boost.

1 x Water Injection Nozzle, Size 8 – 500ml

1 x Water Injection Nozzle, Size 16 – 1000ml

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  • Boost pressure-dependent injection control – Optimal for all centrifugal compressors (Procharger, Vortech) and large turbochargers
  • Higher boost pressure and/or more aggressive ignition without knocking combustion – additional power up to 25% possible.
  • Dual Stage technology for maximum efficiency in all load ranges
  • Octane booster, 116 octane racing fuel performance possible with regular gas
  • Earlier ignition timing or compression without knocking combustion. Up to 25% more power possible.
  • More power and torque with simultaneous reduction of the thermal load on engines that have already been modified, e.g. by chip tuning, NOS or LPG/autogas.
  • Effective intake air cooling, compensation of power losses at higher outside temperatures
  • Reduction of the specific fuel consumption.
  • Deposit-free combustion chamber and intake tract, without formation of oil carbon.
  • Easy installation



Boost Cooler water injection can achieve a power increase of up to 10-25% in turbo and supercharged engines without thermally overloading the engine. The charge air temperature is lowered by up to 60°C, the combustion chamber is cooled and the thermal load on already tuned vehicles is effectively reduced.

Water or water/alcohol (methanol or ethanol) is injected at high pressure into the hot charge air in a finely atomised form as soon as the desired starting charge pressure is reached. The evaporating liquid achieves an extremely effective charge air and intercooling, which, among other things, prevents uncontrolled combustion (“knocking”). The effect is demonstrably comparable with 116 octane racing petrol.

The Boost Cooler is unsurpassed in atomisation! The liquid is swirled inside the Hyper-Sonic atomiser nozzle at supersonic speed before being forced through the Venturi orifice. With the included Dual Stage Upgrade, 2 atomiser nozzles are used to inject as early as possible with the primary nozzle and to achieve maximum cooling and performance in peak loads with the switched-on 2nd nozzle.



The Boost Cooler Stage 2 POWER-MAX system is the logical further development of our proven Stage 2 kits. The control unit, integrated in an elegant 52mm OLED round instrument (2-colour display with 7 colour modes), combines performance features that have been brought to series production readiness in cooperation with our sales and technology partners.

The controller settings are made directly on the 52mm instrument. You set the desired start and end value (boost pressure) and the injection is variable within the set boost pressure points.

Display of: Boost pressure (S2E/EURO-Edition BAR), injection quantity (percentage), low fill level, activation of 2nd nozzle, 2 error modes.


With the Boost Cooler, you can achieve a power increase of about 10-25%, even with already tuned turbo and supercharged engines. The optimum cooling compensates for typical power losses at higher outside temperatures. In addition, deposits in the combustion chamber and intake tract are reduced.



In contrast to a conventional intercooler, the charge air can be lowered below the ambient temperature! In addition to the outstanding efficiency, there is no loss of boost pressure as with conventional performance intercoolers. The Boost Cooler efficiently cools the intake air and combustion chamber temperature (“in-cylinder-cooling”). The addition of alcohol (preferably methanol or inexpensive bio-ethanol) additionally increases efficiency and counteracts lean running.


The controller has a 2nd output to control a further, larger nozzle with a separate mapping (‘Power Mode’). The connection of the 2nd nozzle can be set individually to achieve the best possible performance results.



In combination with super petrol and a water/methanol mixture, you achieve a comparable effect as with 116-octane racing petrol. This also allows you to dispense with the considerably more expensive Shell “V-Power”, “Ultimate 100”, etc. and drive only with conventional super gas.


The better efficiency improves fuel economy. As a rule, fuel savings are in the range of 5-15% depending on the vehicle, driving style and use (e.g. tractors).

The NREL test result clearly shows that NOx emissions are significantly reduced with the Boost Cooler System activated. As a positive side effect, the DPF regeneration cycles are extended due to the lower pollutant emissions.


The combustion chamber of your engine remains free of deposits, the heat dissipation, e.g. at the exhaust valves, remains optimal. Oil coking is reduced and prevented.


To ensure a smooth installation, all connection materials are included in the scope of delivery of the system. The detailed installation instructions in German, with many illustrations and a clear structure, guide you step by step through the installation process.


As an OE supplier and through its activities in a wide range of motorsport areas, SNOW Performance proves the quality and durability of the high-quality water injection systems “Made by SNOW PERFORMANCE”.


Pressure Diaphragm Pump

SNOW Performance 300 PSI UHO methanol injection pumps offer unmatched pressure, technology and reliability. All 300 PSI pumps are made in the USA and individually tested before shipping to ensure quality and reliability. Although similar looking pumps are available, they do not have the features of our SNOW Performane pumps.

Double EPDM seals ensure durability and higher pressure. Proprietary internal wiring offers lower power consumption than similar looking pumps. Integrated thermal protection circuitry allows the pump to operate constantly without damaging pump internals.

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Hyper-Sonic Injection nozzles

The SNOW Performance HyperSonic atomiser nozzle is the world’s best-selling and most advanced water/alcohol injection nozzle. The liquid is swirled inside the patented 2-chamber nozzle at supersonic speed before being forced through the Venturi orifice. This creates droplets or mists as fine as 20µ (microns) with enormous cooling potential.

The principle of evaporative cooling is a highly efficient technology and effectively reduces the intake or charge air temperature. Likewise, evaporation processes within the engine reduce the thermal load.

Boost Cooler Waterinjection VC-30 Controller

9.5l Reservoir with Fluid Level Switch

Boost Cooler water injection 9.5l tank with separate level indicator and warning LED (orange) for installation in the vehicle interior. With the “reserve light” you can be sure never to operate your water-methanol injection without sufficient fluid. Completely incl. connection for 1/4″ pressure line.


• 1 x High Pressure Diaphragm EPDM Pump, 300 PSI UHO
• 1 x VC50 OLED-Controller
• 2 x HyperSonic Water-Methanol Nozzle incl. filter
• 1 x Low level indicator (includes LED)
• 2 x Nozzle Holder, 90°, Aluminium hard-anondized/li>
• 1 x Installation material and all necessary ProLine fittings
• 1 x Installation instructions
• 1x 9.5l Reservoir (Art.No. SP30122) with 3/8″NPT Port, Size [cm]: 33l x 25h x19w
• 2x Aluminium Mounting Straps
• 1x 3/8″NPT – 1/4″-Rapid Push-In Fitting, Brass Nickel Plated
• 1x Solenoid for Engine Protection with 2 1/8″NPT Ports (Art.No. SP30104)
• 1x Solenoid Mounting Bracket and Screws (2)
• 2x 1/8″NPT – 1/4″-Rapid Push-In Fittings, Brass Nickel Plated
• 6m 1/4” FEP-Pressure Line (Art.No. SP30209)
• 3m Corrugated Tube (Art.No. SP30210)
• 1x Comprehensive Installation Instructions

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